No. 99 (2020): Fotografija: tarpininkės vaidmenys kultūroje / Photography: Its Roles as an Intermediary in Culture.

Šarūnas Sauka, "Negatyvus požiūris", 1982

Sudarė / Edited by
dr. Agnė Narušytė

Leidimo metai / Release date: 2020
Apimtis / Pages: 367
Formatas / Format: 170 x 240
Viršeliai / Covers: minkšti / paperback
Tiražas / Print run: 200
ISSN 1392-0316

The topic of this volume is photography, but not its artistic tradition or new developments. When museums finally recognized photography as an art form in the 1970s, artists discovered it as an ambiguous (both realist and fictional) medium. Photography critic Andy Grundberg called it ‘the common coin of cultural image interchange’ because‚ ‘photographs are no longer seen as transparent windows on the world, but as intricate webs spun by culture’. Since then, visual culture has become a limitless reservoir of images – easily reproduced and ‘authorless’– from which one could borrow those fragments of quasi-reality and use them to (re)create identities, myths, illusions of space and time, political convictions or history. Digital technologies have expanded those possibilities even more, especially because no one could translate images of any kind into digital format, transform them without leaving any trace of human hand and share across the world wide web of virtuality.

Published: 2021-07-14