No. 106 (2022): Visions, Legends and Dreams in Art

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The subject of this volume of Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis – the reflection of visions, legends, dreams and fantasies in art – is intriguing and multi-faceted. Geographically it includes European art and mostly focuses on Lithuania. The chronology of the works discussed in the publications extends from the 16th century until our days.

Artistic imagination has been playing a very important role in artistic work at all times – it engenders a different artistic reality which is not identical to the realism of the visible world. Sometimes, imagination is awakened by myths and legends, and sometimes, by the plots of religious art related to the experiences of the Otherworld and visions. The theme of dreams related both to artists’ dreams or their efforts to visualize the visions or dreams experienced by other persons is not infrequent both in secular and sacral art.

Texts by various authors, art historians and artists included in this publication address quite a wide range of issues of the interaction of visionariness, legends, dreams and art. The publications are divided according to their nature into scholarly articles and written sources presented at the end of the publication.

Edited by Rūta Janonienė

Release date: 2022
Pages: 376
Format: 17 x 24
Covers: Paperback

Print run: 200

eISSN 2783-6843 | ISSN 1392-0316

Published: 30/11/2022

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