The Legend


  • Kazimierz Stabrowski
  • Rūta Janonienė



Kazimierz Stabrowski, fantasy, Golden Calf, knight, offering


A Lithuanian translation of the fantasy short story The Legend by the artist Kazimierz Stabrowski (1869–1929). The manuscript of the short story written circa 1895–1905 was sent to the editors of the monthly of literature and art Chimera published in Warsaw, but remained unpublished. Today it is held in the collection of the National Library in Warsaw, in the archive of Chimera’s editor Zenon Przesmycki (1861–1905).

The work reflects the artist’s fascination with theosophic and anthroposophical ideas that are intertwined with the symbols and images of Christian culture and originally interpreted quotes from the Holy Scripture (the motif of the Golden Calf). Like in his paintings, in this visionary text the artist devotes much attention to the subject of femininity and creates an image of a flawless divine woman, a personification of beauty and perfection.

Unknown Lithuanian artist, Infant Jesus sleeping on the cross, 18th c., oil on canvas, photo by Antanas Lukšėnas

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Stabrowski, K., & Janonienė, R. (2022). The Legend. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (106), 342–350.



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