The Image in Interaction and Proprioception


  • Raivo Kelomees



animism, image, haptic visuality, interactive art, biofeedback art, proprioception


The image role in interactive and biosensorial artwork leads back to the term of animism. In that understanding, images of objects and beings are connected with physical objects and beings. We encounter attempts of animistic connection of images and objects in interactive artworks, images become alive. My argument is that in these artworks the rationalistic image-object and even viewer-artwork distinction is erased, moreover: the viewer becomes an image, the artwork. We can follow experiments in multimedia, telecommunication art, interactive art, and biofeedback art and see a gradual disappearance of the breach between the viewer and the image. This is a paradigmatically a new situation in art history where there is no distinction between viewer and the artwork.

Author Biography

Raivo Kelomees

PhD (art history), is an artist, art historian, and new media researcher. He studied psychology, art history, and design in Tartu University and the Academy of Arts in Tallinn. He is senior researcher at the Fine Arts Faculty at the Estonian Academy of Arts and professor at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. Kelomees is the author of Surrealism (Kunst Publishers, 1993) and article collections Screen as a Membrane (Tartu Art College proceedings, 2007) and Social Games in Art Space (EAA, 2013). His doctoral thesis is Postmateriality in Art. Indeterministic Art Practices and Non-Material Art (Dissertationes Academiae Artium Estoniae 3, 2009). Together with Chris Hales he edited the collection of articles Constructing Narrative in Interactive Documentaries (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014). In collaboration with Varvara Guljajeva and Oliver Laas, he edited the collection of articles The Meaning of Creativity in the Age of AI (EKA Press, 2022).

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Kelomees, R. (2023). The Image in Interaction and Proprioception. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (109), 163–191.