In Search of the Resilient Academic Experience: Dealing with Concerns in Artistic Doctoral Programs




practice-based research, doctorate in the arts, supervision, academic framework


Design and Art PhDs are widely spread across Art Schools around Europe and the world. Doing a PhD in the arts however contains tensions between artistic research approaches, and overall academic setting and requirements. Students, and supervisors, are not always well prepared for the challenges that arise from these tensions. This raises the question: How supervision of artistic research at doctoral level can foster unorthodox approaches and multimedia outcomes, while simultaneously enable doctoral students to navigate academic frameworks?

Based on data from a doctoral preparation course, this article outlines typical tensions and, highlights strategies to help navigate them. After a general introduction and the methodology section the article reviews existing approaches in PhD programs in Art and Design that help reflecting our case study. Chapter five presents the case study results and chapter six involves discussion and conclusion on future needs in PhD supervision in the arts.

Author Biographies

Bettina Minder, Lucerne School of Information Technology and Computer Sciences Rotkreuz, Switzerland

PhD, completed her PhD at the Centre for Industrial Production at Aalborg University in Denmark in 2018. In her research she focuses on innovation manage- ment, digital transformation, and speculative fiction approaches.

Pablo Müller, Lucerne School of Art and Design, Emmenbrücke, Switzerland

is a research associate at Lucerne School of Art and Design. His research interests include art and economics, institutions of art, art criticism, self-organisation in visual arts, artistic research and its methods. Upcoming publication: Unabhängig, prekär, professionell. Künstlerische Selbstorganisation in der Schweiz (with Rachel Mader), will appear 2023 in Diaphanes.




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Minder, B., & Müller, P. (2023). In Search of the Resilient Academic Experience: Dealing with Concerns in Artistic Doctoral Programs. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (109), 124–148.