From Inter-Disciplinarity Towards Trans-Disciplinarity in Arts and Sciences: Presumptions for the Artistic Research and Doctoral Studies in Arts




disciplinarily, philosophy of science, interdisciplinary art, trans-disciplinary work (research), trans-disciplinarity in science, trans-disciplinarity in art, post-disciplinarity, communities, disciplines, guilds


This paper overviews the development of the notion of trans-disciplinarity in Lithuania and its neighbouring contexts, and makes an attempt to identify its current relation to science and art.

The paper analyses the ways in which artistic research, without being a discipline in its own right, can nonetheless both provide a basis for the doctoral studies in arts, and liberate it from the traditions and disciplines of the humanities and other sciences. Furthermore, the paper argues that doctoral studies in arts are inherently transdisciplinary and thus able to accommodate the traditional traits of the doctorate studies in the areas as different as humanities, social sciences, and even natural sciences. Lastly, the paper builds the case for artistic research as both the basis for the doc- toral studies in arts and a unique research paradigm, itself able to produce new research traditions.

Author Biographies

Vytautas Michelkevičius, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania

is a curator, writer and researcher whose focus was gradually shifting from photography in expanded field to media art & theory and lately to artistic research in academia and beyond. Since 2019 he is the head of Photography, Animation and Media Art Department and Doctoral Programme in the Arts in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Since 2016 he is actively working internationally with DA/PhD students, supervising them, running courses, curating expositions and also doing interdisciplinary inquiry on “artistic research”. He published the first book on artistic research from Central-East European perspective (“Mapping Artistic Research. Towards Diagrammatic Knowledge” (2016 LT, 2018 ENG). Among recent books is “Atlas of Diagrammatic Imagination” (together with Lina Michelkevičė, 2019).

Aldis Gedutis, Klaipėda University, Klaipėda, Lithuania

is a philosopher. He specialises in philosophy of the humanities, sociology of knowledge, meta-research on evaluation of social sciences and humanities. He is a Senior Researcher at Klaipėda University, Lithuania. He is a member of ENRESSH (European Network for Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities). During the last three years together with Vytautas Michelkevičius he worked on the studies of the artistic research phenomenon, paying special attention at its premises, epistemology and societal impact.




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Michelkevičius, V., & Gedutis, A. (2023). From Inter-Disciplinarity Towards Trans-Disciplinarity in Arts and Sciences: Presumptions for the Artistic Research and Doctoral Studies in Arts. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (109), 15–46.

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