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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis (AAAV) is a peer-reviewed quarterly published since 1993 and intended for the study of art history and visual culture with an emphasis on the arts and their contexts. AAAV aims to promote scholarly research into European culture, to develop a shared perspective in art history, and encourage encounters, dialogues, and collaboration based on mutual awareness and the search for new approaches.

The articles were reviewed by two experts.

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No. 103 (2021): Design processes
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As a result of the penetrating and comprehensive nature of design, today we have so many trends and forms of designing activity. In addition to generally accessible and more traditional specializations (product and graphic design, fashion, interior, artistic or conceptual design), we also speak about critical design, a need for service design and open design, and the subject of sustainability is high on the agenda. In this volume of AAAV, besides the analysis of the already mentioned processes of contemporary design, problems of separate design fields – industrial, graphic, fashion and conceptual design – and their specific genres are addressed. The objects of research of the published articles are design examples from various historical periods created by both Lithuanian and international designers. Design processes are analyzed from the different perspectives of a designer, a producer, and a consumer – a group to which we all belong but take different roles, passive or active. 

Published: 2022-01-21
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