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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis (AAAV) is a peer-reviewed quarterly published since 1993 and intended for the study of art history and visual culture with an emphasis on the arts and their contexts. AAAV aims to promote scholarly research into European culture, to develop a shared perspective in art history, and encourage encounters, dialogues, and collaboration based on mutual awareness and the search for new approaches.

The articles were reviewed by two experts.

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No. 104 (2022): Architectural Ceramics: Finish Materials, Functional Equipment, Artworks
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“Decorative ceramics”, “fine ceramics”, “folk ceramics”, “domestic ceramics”, “building ceramics”, “technical ceramics”, “industrial ceramics” etc. – all these terms are used to define different groups of ceramic artefacts. The term “architectural ceramics” has been chosen as the title of this volume with the intention to show that the “ceramic” themes analyzed in the publications are closely related to both functional and artistic building finish. Both elements are quite different by nature, as finish materials for a large part are a mass-produced industrial product, while artworks are original and singular, but due to the specific character of ceramics, in some cases they all come together producing very interesting technological and artistic solutions. 

The texts published in this volume do not cover the entire subject theme of architectural ceramics, which is very wide and interesting. It remains to be hoped that the presented insights will kindle curiosity and will inspire more than one scientific article, artistic event, or continued research. 

Published: 2022-04-22

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