No. 100 (2021): Anniversary Culture / Jubiliejų kultūra

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The 100th issue of Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis (AAAV) is devoted to the discussion of the anniversary phenomenon in culture, and the presentation of anniversary-related art and its reflection as a special field in art history. One of the most important purposes of celebrating or commemorating an anniversary is memory activation and the focus of attention on a particular person, institution or cultural phenomenon. With this choice of the subject, we hope to initiate research that would reveal how memory activation manifests itself, what traces it leaves in culture, and what role in this process is played by visual communication, the visible awakening of memory, and the capturing of the becoming and meaning of an event. We asked how artvvorks and visual artefacts related to anniversaries, commemorations and festivities are born, and how – or if – they live on when the jubilee year ends. Are works created to commemorate or assess a phenomenon remembered on their own merit?

This volume contains five scholarly articles and three texts of artistic research. Alongside, the bibliography of all AAAV issues (previously also called “volumes”) is presented in a kind of jubilee gesture of recording the history of the journal itself.

Published: 2021-08-21