Kaunas Interwar Cafes and Restaurant: Feasibility Study and Proposals Regarding Restoration and Revival


  • Rugilė Bružaitė




Kaunas, interwar, interiors of restaurants and cafés, National style, Modern Movement, Art Deco


In the research, the case study deals with the interiors of catering establishments reflecting different models of the décor styles of the time. Government institutions have preserved the public interiors of buildings characterized by recurrent academic and historical motifs complemented by elements of the National style. On the contrary, the interiors of privately owned buildings of this period have been altered to fit new trends, with the dominance of the modernist style perceived to be part of Western culture. Furthermore, newly built structures were furnished following the modern trends of pure functionalism, hygiene, and light, with fragmented elements of the National style. The research assesses the importance of café culture in the formation of the Kaunas Phenomenon and proposes a project for revitalization and possible uses for the café and restaurant.

Author Biography

Rugilė Bružaitė

graduated with a bachelor’s degree in heritage study in 2018 from the Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In 2020, she finished her master’s degree at Vilnius Academy of Arts, The Restoration of Art and Interior Heritage program with a specialty in restoration of interior heritage. While studying, she conducted a comparative analysis of interior management methods of the Baroque sacral buildings in the Vilnius Catholic Church of Blessed Mary the Comforter and the Vilnius Evangelical Lutheran Church and was awarded the Jono Rimantas Glemža Prize. From 2019, she has worked in the Culture Heritage Centre Urbanised Locations Department. She participates in and organizes events for the dissemination of knowledge of immovable cultural heritage.

Wall painting in the church of Saint Leonard in Mala Ligonja (Slovenia), fragment. Photo by Eva Marija Fras, 2020




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Bružaitė, R. (2023). Kaunas Interwar Cafes and Restaurant: Feasibility Study and Proposals Regarding Restoration and Revival. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (108), 221–240. https://doi.org/10.37522/aaav.108.2023.156