The Lithuanian Pavilion in Chile in 1972: Architect Vladas Vizgirda’s Account Fifty Years Later

Acta Academia Artium Vilnensis


  • Karolina Jakaitė



international export pavilions in the Soviet period, Cold War, FISA-72, Baltic modernism, exhibition design, Ignacy Domeyko


This Archival publication presents a manuscript of the Lithuanian architect Vladas Vizgirda (b. 1935), in which the author describes the project of an export pavilion of fifty years ago. The Lithuanian SSR received an award for its exhibition in the pavilion of the Soviet Union at the international agriculture and industry fair FISA-72 held in Santiago de Chile. As the leading architect of the Chile-72 pavilion, Vizgirda reminisces on the conception of the 500 m2 display, its architectural and design solutions, the preparation process, the installation works, and the impressions experienced during his almost three-month-long work trip to Chile in October–December 1972. An important part of the published source is a visual narrative consisting of unpublished photographs, which allows us to newly assess the pavilion’s modern constructions, minimalist design, and colour solutions, as well as Gintautėlė Baginskienė’s design projects created specifically for this pavilion. In the publication of the source, the manuscript is presented unedited, while the introductory text describes the context of the pavilion and outlines the first directions of possible assessments and interpretations.

Author Biography

Karolina Jakaitė

(b. 1978, Lithuania) is a design historian, researcher at the Vilnius Academy of Arts Institute of Art Research, curator and co-founder of Design Foundation. Her research specialities comprise design history studies, design and identity, national pavilions, Lithuanian design in the 1960s–1980s. She is the author of The Cold War Capsule: Lithuanian design in London in 1968, a book about Soviet Lithuanian pavilion in London in 1968 (Vilnius: LAPAS Publishing House, 2019). Curator of design exhibitions: Stories of Things. Lithuanian Design 1918–2018 (National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, 2018, with Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, Lijana Natalevičienė, Ernestas Parulskis, Gintautė Žemaitytė), Lithuania. London. 1968. The Odyssey of Lithuanian Design (National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, co-curated with Julijus Balčikonis, 2018), Antanas Kazakauskas: All is Programmed (Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, 2021, co-curated with Julijus Balčikonis, 2021).

VAL (Alex Mlynárčík, Viera Mecková, Ľudovít Kupkovič), Heliopolis, 1968-1974, ink on paper and photocollage, 90 × 90 cm, Courtesy of the VAL Group, Žilina

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Jakaitė , K. . (2022). The Lithuanian Pavilion in Chile in 1972: Architect Vladas Vizgirda’s Account Fifty Years Later: Acta Academia Artium Vilnensis. Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, (105), 262–294.